2022 Goals

Forever obsessed with Utah winter sunsets. If you asked me to describe what the New Year feels like to me, it would be this decadent winter sky

Happy New Year my beautiful readers! I am so excited for the New Year and all the new opportunities and possibilities that come with it. 2021 was a lovely year in my life, wherein so many amazing dreams came true, and I really do feel so blessed when I look back on it. But going into 2022, there is so much that I want to accomplish and so many goals I have, and while I’m excited for it all, to be completely candid I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed too. I’m hoping that by sharing this post and writing out all of my goals and focuses I can get a little more clear on what I most want and need to do.

In last year’s New Year’s post, I narrowed everything down to three main focuses going into the year, and it actually worked really well for me so I wanted to do that again. Well, I added a fourth one this year, but same concept! I have some more specific goals, but here on the blog I’m just going to share the more general things I’m working towards.

  1. Spirituality– I learned a lot about my spirituality and faith in 2021, and I’m so grateful for the evolution that I went through, but in 2022 I actually want to take this to the next level, not only with studying scriptures more deeply and improving my relationship with both the masculine and feminine divine entities that I believe in, but also by sharing more of my spiritual journey. I feel this really strong pull towards helping other people in their faith journey/deconstruction and reconstruction processes, and one of the biggest things that helped me in mine was having others share theirs online, so I really want to continue that cycle this year by educating myself and others on the nuances of religious and spiritual topics.
  2. Writing- My writing is something that is so, vitally important to me, and I feel like in 2022 it’s going to just spread it’s wings and fly to a whole new height. If that metaphor makes any sense, haha. I published my first book in 2021 and I know it is going to be the first of many in my life. Going into this new year, I want to make sure I’m carving out intentional time for my writing so that I can improve my craft and bring all the stories that are in my heart and soul to life.
  3. Career- This year I am CHASING my dreams when it comes to my business and growing my secondary source of income. I’m determined to grow to where I’m actually making a consistent income every month and can start working towards the goal of actually being self-employed. If you’re curious about my business, I am a freelance writer who offers copywriting and repurposing for online entrepreneurs. So in a nutshell I write blog posts, social media content, mission statements for businesses and more! You can send me a contact form via this site if you’re interested in working with me. I’m super passionate about this work and I am soo tired of living my life at a 9-5 job. I want out of that lifestyle and so this is really important to me.
  4. Finding Peace and Presence in the Now- I guess this one could also be translated to like, focusing on my mental health, which was one of my 2021 priorities and definitely one that I want to carry over into this year, but more specifically, I am trying to focus on not allowing things I can’t control to inordinately affect me. There has been one specific thing that I’ve been wanting for a really long time, but I don’t actually have any control over this thing, and so rather than focus on how bad I want that thing that I currently can’t do anything to bring about, I’m trying to put my focus on what I can control, what I can work on, and improving myself one day and step at a time. I have other things I want to achieve and so I want to focus on those things rather than letting the one thing I can’t have get me down. Because honestly, I’m really sick and tired of letting it get me down.

What are your goals and focuses for 2022?

2 thoughts on “2022 Goals

  1. Those are some great goals for 2022! I myself am focusing on writing this year, to make a living out of it, instead of moulding it to what others want for the sake of making a living, if that makes any sense. Hopefully there won’t be a paucity of words, which is usually the case for me. Wishing you all the best!


    1. That is a very beautiful and worthy goal. I think that what we write should always be a reflection of our authentic selves to some degree, because that’s the kind of writing that changes people. Thanks for reading and your support!


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