2022 Goals

Forever obsessed with Utah winter sunsets. If you asked me to describe what the New Year feels like to me, it would be this decadent winter sky Happy New Year my beautiful readers! I am so excited for the New Year and all the new opportunities and possibilities that come with it. 2021 was a … Continue reading 2022 Goals

My 2021 Goals

Happy New Year to my lovely readers! Hopefully I can be less MIA here on the blog as the new year begins. I did a post like this last year at new year's so I figured it would be good to do one again this year and talk about my goals and priorities going into … Continue reading My 2021 Goals


Happy New Year and new decade! I've always loved the feeling of a fresh start that a new year brings. To me there's something intoxicating about it, and I can't help but believe that the turning of the year brings some kind of magic with it, some sort of good luck and new energy. I … Continue reading 2020