My 2021 Goals

Happy New Year to my lovely readers! Hopefully I can be less MIA here on the blog as the new year begins. I did a post like this last year at new year’s so I figured it would be good to do one again this year and talk about my goals and priorities going into this brand new lovely year! After the craziness that was 2020, I decided that I wanted to approach my goals more as putting forth what I want to prioritize this year, and making those my focuses rather than doing a bunch of number based goals that will just stress me out more if that makes sense.

  1. Marriage- My number one focus going into this year is having a strong marriage and making sure that is my top priority. For me this means lots of communication, regular quality time with my husband and making sure he knows how important he is to me by my actions and my words.
  2. Creativity– Next, I want 2021 to be my most creative year yet! I actually started my own YouTube channel where I’ll be discussing books and writing which is my new creative endeavor going into this year. Feel free to check out my first video if you feel like it! I also hope to do a lot more writing this year and continue to expand my skills in that area. My hope is that all my creative efforts will kind of interconnect with each other and they will all grow as they relate to each other.
  3. Mental Health– This one is big. This year I want to be a LOT more intentional about my mental health. My whole life I’ve had my mental struggles, but I’ve never been great about managing them or dealing with them. Recently I’ve been working on being more aware of my mental state which is an important first step, but this year I really want to focus on taking stock of my mental health each day by writing about how I’m feeling, and then reminding myself of the truth so I’m not getting carried away in negative internal monologues. I also want to make sure I’m consciously choosing ways to spend my time that improve my mental state whether that’s yoga, journaling, spending time with loved ones or reading uplifting educational books.

That’s it for my new year’s goals! I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments. Thank you to all of those who have read my blog this past year and shared your light and energy with me via Internet portals. I hope you’ll stick around for more chats in the future ❤

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