Current Favorite Names & Some Graphic Design

Hi friends! I’ve been wanting to be a bit more consistent on this blog, but clearly that hasn’t worked tremendously well for me so far. I honestly really wanted to do a baby name post but wasn’t having any ideas stand out to me, so I thought I would just share something I made recently for fun!

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun using Canva for different projects. Since getting my digital media “degree” last year I’ve put it to use by just making a ton of random stuff for work and personal projects on here, which is about the extent of my abilities. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s fun and satisfying to make something aesthetically pleasing, and the other day when I was bored at work I decided to make some cute graphics with some of my current favorite names and combos which I’ve posted below.

Current favorite girls names
And some boy names 🙂

I just kinda wanted to throw these up here for fun! If you have any thoughts on the names or the designs feel free to leave them down below and maybe I’ll post some more graphics in future.

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