January Update

January always feels like the longest month of the year, and this year was no exception. I feel like it was a very boring and chill, but also somehow exciting and eventful month. Definitely more exciting and eventful in terms of inner change and growth than in terms of anything that actually happened, but that’s the kind of eventfulness I’m most needing and wanting right now, so it was overall a good thing!

Since I recently started my newest endeavor, a booktube channel, I’ve been contemplating what kind of content I want to post on this blog moving forward. Since my channel is completely dedicated to talking about books and writing, I thought it would be nice to keep more of my personal life updates, poetry and other little writing projects as they come into existence, and of course baby name content on this blog while transitioning all of that other stuff over to my YouTube channel. As part of that, I decided to do a little monthly wrap-up/ update post on here at the conclusion of every month with some life updates, thoughts and how I’ve been feeling. So let’s jump into it!

The biggest change in my life in January was definitely my YouTube channel, as I’ve previously mentioned. I use my weekends to film and edit my videos and I upload them every Monday morning. So far there have been a lot of struggles along the way as I’ve figured things out, but overall it’s just been an absolute blast! I’m so happy whenever I am filming, editing, just creating in general. I’ve wanted to have a YouTube channel for the past like eight years of my life and to finally be making and posting videos that I’m passionate about is probably the best feeling ever. My channel is by no means amazing, I’m definitely still learning how to articulate my thoughts well in videos and edit them without having a bunch of glitches and weird problems, but with each video I’m getting more confident and more excited to move forward in the future! It’s been really good for me to have a hobby that I really enjoy and that also pushes me to grow and learn new things.

The other update that I wanted to talk about is that my husband and I made a goal at the beginning of this year to do some kind of vacation/getaway every month in 2021, whether that just be one night or a weekend or longer. In January we did a pretty chill getaway but it was still really fun and so nice to have a little change of scenery and pace. We went and did some mini golf about 45 minutes away from our house, then stayed the night at a fun hotel in Salt Lake City and had dinner at a cute little gourmet burger place called From Scratch. It was just one night, but it was kind of like having an extra fun date night/slumber party so I’m about it. It’s already been really good for our marriage to have this fun goal so I’m excited to see where it takes us this year. I’m really annoyed at myself that I didn’t take one picture the whole time we were there, but I have been working on my whole non-picture taking habit and I’m trying to push myself to take more pictures of things that make me happy.

This month that mostly just looked like pictures of mountains and food that I made, so I’ll dump those pictures here. Other than that, not a whole lot happened this month but I was grateful for the peace and the routine that we were able to fall into.

We tried a mail order meal service this month and I had fun making these fajitas.

Thanks for reading!

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