Introducing My Business! & 3 Things I’ve Learned So Far

Today I wanted to tell you a bit about that which has been consuming my life for the past several months, my pride and joy, my freelance business Purposeful Words. I decided to start it last fall when I realized that I had truly had enough of living the 9-5 work schedule and felt prepared to finally do something I’d been wanting to do for years honestly; monetize my writing!

The thing is, I’ve always had a gift for words. Books have consumed my brain from the time I was able to form a conscious thought, and writing my own stories is the thing that makes me the most fulfilled. And after publishing my book I think it gave me the confidence to realize my writing is worth paying for. So thanks to my amazing friend Kimmy, who coached me through getting started and all my initial self doubt, I’m now doing something I love and (the crazy part) actually getting paid to do it.

When I set out to start copywriting, I knew I didn’t want to just write words to fill up a page. I wanted what I wrote to mean something. It’s all I’ve ever wanted really, to have my words inspire someone else and create change in the world. I settled on Purposeful Words as my name because I want the words I write to have true purpose; whether it’s to educate, inspire, or comfort. I wanted to provide a service for other women who had a dream like mine: to make a difference in the world with their expertise and elevate other people to follow their dreams. My dream is to help people like this put the ideas that they are most passionate about into powerful words that will help bring their purpose to life.

So there you have it, my little business baby introduced to the Pocket of Poetry world! My life has changed so much in just the last few months, my outlook and focus have shifted dramatically, mostly in a greater sense of purpose. I’ve become more driven as I’ve finally been able to narrow down what I’m working on. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a million dreams and plans and books and things I’m working on, but this business is my #1 priority and it feels great to finally have that in place, a solid goal to work towards.

A couple of things I’ve learned/observed since starting this business:

  1. Manifesting really works! I’ve been writing and repeating affirmations like crazy and I’ve already manifested some amazing things into my life from the most delightful clients to financial blessings that I’m so grateful for. Life is hectic but it’s amazing to know that I have the ability to tap into my own power when it comes to manifesting. I have a lot to learn about this still but so far it’s been amazing.
  2. I AM actually capable of achieving success. As crazy as it sounds, I had the hardest time believing I could actually make money doing what I love and be successful at it, and let me tell you seeing that first business paycheck come in was a HUGE confidence boost. Realizing that I have a service people are willing to pay for, and that my work is excellent really gave me the confidence to believe in myself, not only in the aspect of my service but also in my ability to handle the financial end of things, be professional with clients, an all of the other things that come with a business! I realized I have experience in all of these things, and all I have to do is apply that experience towards being my own boss.
  3. When your work speaks for itself, the hardest part is get people to look at it. And having confidence in what you offer and how you sell is truly key in this! Because if you have confidence and put your absolute best foot forward to your potential clients, getting them to fall in love with your work is the easy part! I make it my mission to craft each post I write into the most effective representation of my client’s thoughts and values, and I never settle or stop working on it until it meets my high standards. As long as I’m staying true to that work ethic, I know I’ll be able to be proud of what I do and my energy will attract the clients who need me.

I hope you found this post helpful or inspirational if are thinking about or have started your own business! If you’re interested in working with me, you can contact me via the contact form on this site, or comment below. You can also send me a DM on Instagram @_purposeful_words

Wishing you a week of light and love,


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