Rating Popular Baby Names of 2020

For today’s post I’m going to be reviewing the top 10 baby boy names and baby girl names of 2020 so far and giving them a rating on a scale of 1-5. Hopefully someone finds this fun lol. All of my stats are from babynames.com.

We’ll start with the boy names:

  1. Oliver- Rating: 3 While this name is certainly timeless and very cute, it’s been so overused that I’m bored to tears every time I see it.
  2. Liam- Rating: 4 I adore this name. It’s definitely wayy overused (obviously because this is a popular names list), but there is just something so sweet and spunky about it that I love.
  3. Ethan- Rating: 4.5 I may be biased since this is my husband’s name, but I think it is a very strong, masculine classic that any boy could wear proudly.
  4. Aiden- Rating: 2 I’ve never been a huge fan of Aiden or really gotten the hype. It’s not a terrible name it’s just not that interesting and it doesn’t have that strong masculine vibe I look for in boy names.
  5. Gabriel- Rating: 3.5 This name really is such a classic one. It always makes me think of the angel and for that reason I picture a really handsome but still strong boy having this name.
  6. Caleb- Rating: 3 This is an adorable and strong Biblical name, but I know a LOT of Caleb’s and so for me it’s just way too overused to ever consider using.
  7. Theodore- Rating: 5 I totally get why this one is so popular, it’s just adorable! It makes me think of a precocious little kid wearing cute glasses, plus it has the adorable nickname option of Teddy which I mean come on..
  8. Declan- Rating: 5 I had never heard of this name before until I met an adorable baby with this name and I’ve loved it ever since. It is so strong yet cute at the same time and even though it’s risen in popularity I still feel like it’s pretty unique as I’ve only ever met the one 🙂
  9. Owen- Rating: 5 Another name I adore, and have adored for years and years now. For whatever reason this simple little name has always had my heart. It just sounds adorable and I feel like will age well with any child.
  10. Elijah- Rating: 2 It’s nothing personal, I’m just not a huge fan of the Biblical style names and Elijah is another overly popular one where I grew up. I’ve also never been a big fan of boy names ending in an ‘a’ sound since it doesn’t sound as masculine to me.

Now for the girls.

  1. Charlotte- Rating: 3 I don’t know what it is about this name, maybe I’m just bored of seeing it everywhere, but I’ve never been crazy about it. It is of course a beautiful name, it’s just so well used.
  2. Ava- Rating: 2.5 I’ve never loved Ava either, again probably because I’ve seen about a hundred little girls with this exact name in my lifetime. It’s pretty, just basic.
  3. Amelia- Rating: 3.5 This name grew on me a lot more after I met an absolutely adorable little girl with this name, but it’s still way too overused for me to consider using. I do, however find it super spunky and full of cute personality, and any of my friends who want to use this name I will fully support.
  4. Olivia- Rating: 5 I’m giving my own name a perfect score because I genuinely love it. I know it’s been in the top 5 for the past like 10 years and is very overused at this point, but I’m so happy that I got named this before it got as popular as it later became, as I feel like my name is still relatively unique in my age group and fits me and my personality really well 🙂
  5. Aurora- Rating 3.5 I have very mixed feelings about this name because on the one hand, my favorite music artist in the whole world is named Aurora, and the name fits her flawlessly (she’s also Norwegian so I feel like it works for her better than it would for someone American). But on the other hand, it’s just so heavily associated with the Disney princess that I feel like the name almost seems a little bit tacky or too much. That’s just my opinion though, and I’m sure the right person naming their baby this could easily change it.
  6. Violet- Rating 5 I adore this name! It’s classic, vintage, a color name, and a nature name all rolled into one. Not to mention how delicate and pretty it is. I’ve long shied away from this one due to its popularity, but I’ve recently come around and started to love it again so who knows what could happen?
  7. Luna- Rating 2 I’ve never been a fan of Luna. It is pretty don’t get me wrong, but it’s just so far from my taste. It kind of gives me the vibe of a made up name from a fantasy novel or something which is not my thing.
  8. Hazel- Rating 5 I’ve always loved this name and I think I always will. It’s just so beautiful and evokes the most lovely imagery in my head. I love the vintage, glamorous feel of it too.
  9. Chloe- Rating 3 I’ve known too many Chloe’s in my life to really be a fan of this name anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it is adorable and I can totally see why it’s popular but it’s just got too many connotations for me.
  10. Aria- Rating 3.5 I used to not like this name very much, but I will say that it has grown on me a little bit since I started following this cute mom on Instagram who has the most precious daughter with this name. I think it’s very pretty and fits that little girl super well, but it’s almost too girly for me, similarly to Luna, Aurora and even Amelia, it’s just got that frilly pink tutu sort of femininity to it that is lovely in it’s own way, but I personally prefer names that are a little more substancey if that makes any sense at all.

Well hopefully this was enjoyable to read and hopefully I didn’t offend anyone with my criticisms. I feel like so much of our opinion of a name comes down to whether we’ve known anyone with that name or not and sometimes there will be a name that I didn’t love but someone really cool makes me like it or vice versa. So go forth and use the names that make you happy regardless of my silly opinions, this is all just for fun 🙂

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