Italian Baby Names

Ciao a tutti! Today we are going to be talking about the gorgeous, sultry, musical names of the Italian language. Due to my ancestry, I have an unreasonable affection for all things Italian. I love the food, the culture, the language, (as a side note, I do not speak Italian, but I’ve taken enough rudimentary lessons to know a lot of Italian words, even if I can’t use them in conversation) and especially the names! Today I’m going to be sharing 12 of my favorite Italian names as well as their meanings. If you have Italian heritage that you would like to honor, or simply love foreign sounding names, this list is for you!


Aldo– There is something so sweet about this simple, two syllable name, especially when you find out that it means “old and wise.” While it might be kind of an oxymoron for a baby’s name, it’s a sweet way to honor an older member of your family, or simply to project a long life in your little guy’s future. I think it’s absolutely adorable for any age!

Emilio– I don’t know what it is about this name, but it’s one of my favorites. It sounds so richly Italian, and so dreamy. I feel like any boy named Emilio would grow up to be a total heartthrob. The name means “to strive to excel or rival” which is also a great legacy to pass down to your little man.

Enzo– I’ve had an obsession with the name Enzo for a long time now. There is just something so so cute about short names ending in ‘o’ for me, and Enzo is equal parts adorable and effortlessly cool with that ‘z’ sound thrown in there. Meaning “winner”, I feel like it would be a name that would work just as well on a teenager or young man as it would on a little boy.

Michaelangelo– I had to put this name on here for two reasons. First, my husband loves this name (it’s one of the few names he’ll actually admit to liking), and the second is that it’s my great grandfather’s name. The fact that it’s a family name and also the name of a great artist solidifies it in my mind as a strong, cultured and totally awesome choice for a baby of this generation.

Giorgio– Is this not the cutest name you’ve ever heard? It doesn’t get much more Italian than this jolly sounding moniker. My baby brother’s name is Joseph and he’s always gone by Joe-Joe, so this name just reminds me of him when he was little in the cutest way possible. It also has the humble and sweet meaning of “farmer”

Lucca– This is a name that’s gotten a lot more popular in recent years, and for good reason! It’s another one of those dreamy, cool-boy names that will age perfectly with your child. It means ‘light’, which I think is one of the most beautiful and poetic meanings for a child born into a world that can at times be full of darkness, as a reminder to look for and to be a light.


Chiara– Speaking of light, Chiara is a beautiful, effortless name with the meaning of ‘bright’, which is lovely for so many reasons. I love the uniqueness of the “ch” spelling, and the breezy femininity of this gorgeous name.

Enna– After a city located in the center of Sicily, this name is both rare and simple in it’s beauty. A daring alternative to Emma or Ella, Enna is sure to be the coolest little girl on the playground. She is also a character in Shannon Hale’s Goose Girl series if you like names with a literary connection.

Edita– A perky, bright little name meaning ‘wealthy’, Edita is sure to be a charmer. A fun alternative to the staid Edith, you can nickname her “Edie” or just keep the long version.

Fiorella– There is something so vibrant and fiery about this name, meaning ‘little flower’. It’s unique sound adds flair to a sweet and demure meaning.

Lucia– This sweet and simple girl’s name is the feminine version of Lucca, with the same meaning, but I love it too much not to include it on this list. Such a lovely and feminine version of the more popular Lucy!

Rosalia– Last but not least, I had to include Rosalia to this list as the stunning, floral name that it is. Meaning ‘rose’, it’s perfect for a baby born in the spring!

I hope you enjoyed this list! I had a lot of fun making it, maybe I’ll do more foreign name lists in the future!

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