Winter Inspired Baby Names

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is getting pregnant? I know SO many people having babies in 2020 it’s crazy, and a few who are due before the year is out. All of the babies being born in the next few months led me to think about seasonal baby names. In general, I don’t always love the idea of taking name inspiration for the season your baby is born in, but there are so many beautiful winter themed names out there that I wanted to do a whole post highlighting them. So if you are expecting a baby in the next few months and still needing ideas, here are some winter baby names I would actually recommend.


Winter– I figured I’d start out with the most obvious one, but seriously how gorgeous is Winter? I’m usually not a huge fan of word names, but there’s something about this one that is so enchanting to me. I could totally see a cool little girl being named Winter and rocking the name with confidence. You could even call her Winnie for a sweet, classic nickname.

Ivory– I am OBSESSED with this one. Again, another word name that I wouldn’t normally be crazy about but I just think this name is so exotic and rare sounding, but also totally beautiful and fitting for a little girl born in 2020. I think it would be perfect for a winter baby or really a baby born anytime of the year!

Juniper– Another darling nature inspired name, Juniper has gone up in popularity recently and for good reason! Juniper is an evergreen plant and the name means young and youth producing. I think it is such an inspiring and hopeful name for a baby born in the middle of a long cold winter.

Coco– Coco is an absolutely adorable and cozy nickname that conjures up images of warm firesides in the middle of a winter storm. While you can go ahead and name your baby just Coco, a lot of people don’t consider it a full name unto itself, and it’s a wonderful nickname for longer ones like Colette, Constance or Cordelia. I think it’s an amazing way to shorten one of those long beautiful names!

Eira– This one I hadn’t heard before doing research for this post, but I instantly fell in love with it. This short and sweet name, pronounced ay-ra, is the Welsh word for snow and I think it’s absolutely adorable! It has all the short spunky charm of Ava and Ella but is a totally unique and beautiful alternative.


Jack– Starting out strong with a classic, the name Jack is definitely associated with the roguish and mischievous Jack Frost for me and I have always loved this name for a little boy. It may be a bit too common for some of you, but I’ve always thought it had the perfect combination of strong masculinity and bad boy charm for a really cool boy’s name. Conversely, you could go really unique and call your little boy Frost, which could be super cool as well!

Robin– I was a little bit torn on this one since most recently it was popular as a girl’s name, but vintage names like this for boys are coming back into style with a vengeance these days and I think there are lots of moms who would be delighted with such a sweet, animal inspired, old English name for their baby boy. It definitely conjures up delightful images of bright red birds flitting about in the snow.

Whittaker– If you’ve read my other baby name posts, you know I can’t resist last names as first names (or W names for that matter), and I simply had to include this charming one on the list. This dignified English name means “white field” so it’s perfect for a winter baby.

Jasper– This name is quickly rising in popularity, and for good reason. It is SO cool. Jasper means “bringer of treasure” which is a wonderful meaning for a baby born around Christmas time during the season of gifts.

Gabriel– Last but not least, I had to include this classic Biblical boy’s name. The angel Gabriel proclaimed of Jesus’ birth, and naming your baby boy after him is a wonderful way to honor the real reason for the season.

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