being content is hard

i’ve recently come to terms with the fact that my heart is a cage of contradictions, one side always warring with another. my everest of contentment will always be there for me to climb, it’s summit never quite reached. i am in a constant struggle to find balance and equilibrium between the good i have and the good i want.

but i also live for the small moments, the golden sunlight, favorite song blasting in the car, gratitude wrapping around my shoulders like a warm blanket moments. the times when i look around at the people i love and the memories i cherish and feel glad to be alive. it’s a beautiful thing to exist in moments like these.

and seasons of boredom are hard to walk through, but all we can do is embrace the joy of our content moments, counting our blessings along the way and listening to the messages of our discontent, because most of the time when you feel that way there’s a reason for it, and when we listen we can take the time to figure out the next step to be taken.

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