Baby Names

I’ve always had a fascination with names of all kinds, but particularly baby names of course. I was (am) definitely one of those girls who had lists of names for my future children written in my notebooks since I was about 11 years old.

While I don’t yet have kids of my own and won’t for a while, I still think about baby names all the time and am always making lists, so I thought why not start a little series on my blog where I share themed lists of baby names? Whether it’s just for fun or for someone who might be looking for name ideas for a baby, pet, houseplant etc.

I have no idea if this is something people would be interested in reading, but I figured I might as well share something I am passionate about while I am experimenting ways to make good content for this blog.

Today I’m going to do a list themed around mythical/nature inspired baby names that I personally like. I’ve been in a very dream-like, inspired head space lately due to AURORA’s new album which I’ve inserted below because I think the entire world can benefit from music like this. (This is really important please listen to it okay? You won’t regret I promise. Thanks.) Pardon the tangent, I’ll get into the baby names now.


  1. Alden- this is an adorable vintage option that you don’t hear very often these days, and that I think is so cute! Supposedly inspired by the alder tree which is why it ties in with today’s theme.
  2. Atlas-I’m absolutely obsessed with this name that has it’s roots in mythology after the Titan that had the task of holding the world on his shoulders. I think it’s so cute for a little guy, but also is very masculine and strong sounding which I like for boy names.
  3. Easton- this one is a tad more common, but I wanted to include it for those of you who might be looking for something along those lines. For me it evokes an image of an adventurous little boy who loves the outdoors and I like how it has that wanderlust vibe to it.
  4. Linden- this one is after a type of tree, and I think it makes a darling name for a little boy, especially when spelled the same way!
  5. Fox- I’ve seen this one on a lot of forums recently, and it might seem a little out there, but I personally think it is such a cool sounding boy name.


  1. Acacia- it’s after a type of tree that abounds in Africa, and I think it makes a really sweet and unique name for a little girl.
  2. Iris- This one is after a flower as well as the Greek goddess of rainbows, and also a really lovely and classic vintage name that’s been on my list for a while now.
  3. Arbor- another name for a grove of trees, I think it makes a cute, (albeit a little on the hipster side), name for a baby girl.
  4. Flora- this name is such a gorgeous one, and another vintage moniker that is currently on it’s way back up but not too common at the moment so I would definitely recommend it.
  5. Marigold- I’m a bit torn on this one specifically, but I do think it makes a really lovely girl name and could be shortened to a cute nickname like Mari or Goldie.

Well thanks for perusing my blog today, if you made it this far. I hope this was helpful or at least fun to read! Have an amazing week!

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