March Update & Some Poems

March was very uneventful. It was a month of quiet creativity, good books and time spent with my love. It was a month of observing the growing changes in the world around me and observing the changes in myself. It was a month where I feel l like I grew a lot and found a lot of happiness that had previously felt far out of my reach. Let’s just say the turning of the seasons were very literal for me this year; winter was a darker time but with the coming of spring I have found so much light.

One of my main focuses this month was my YouTube channel, and with that comes reading a lot of books. I read eight books in total in March and not only did I have so much fun but I feel like I learned a lot and found deep things to think about in all of the books I read. If you care to see what I read and hear about my thoughts I’ll link my March wrap up video here for you to watch. Overall, my channel has continued to be a fun outlet for my creativity and helped me expand my reading horizons in such an amazing way! If nothing else, I love the way that it holds me accountable with my reading, encourages me to read new books (and more books) and helps me connect with other readers and get amazing book recommendations. It’s so much fun!

I also expanded my content a little bit this month with a writing video, which I’m hoping to incorporate more into my channel in the future. I did a video attempting to get out of a writing slump and walking through my process of writing a few poems and it ended up being a blast. I’ll link that video as well. (I feel like this blog is just turning into me shamelessly promoting my channel, but I don’t think my total of 2 readers will mind lol). I also wanted to include the poems that I wrote here in this post just so they have an online space to exist and because I’m really happy that I got some poetry written after such a long dry spell!

Poem #1: My Tiny Sunshine

when you came into my life i was afraid,

you were so small, a fragile bird’s egg in my palm

the love in my heart was a foreign ache, you a tiny stranger and somehow mine.

now i watch you, running your fingers through the fur of a dog, splashing color across white pages,

blue for the sky, pink for the roses in the garden,

yellow like the sunshine spilling through the window which is warm and sweet,

and everything you are to me my tiny sunshine.

Poem #2: The Bird’s Purpose

They say that you don’t need an answer, that life’s puzzle’s not meant to be solved,

but I can’t help that I’m asking the question,why am I even involved?

Groping around in the darkness to find a hidden light

I’m feeling increasingly helpless as clarity fades from my sight.

They tell me my life has a melody, that my soul is shaped like a song

but all I can hear is the dissonant chords of everything going wrong.

But someday’s my voice is clearer, my heart has a rhythmic beat,

my toes start to tap, my fingers to snap and that’s when I know what they mean.

No one taught me this song, it was there all along,

my lungs and heart knew the refrain.

I don’t need to know why, all I need is to try to not let my voice be in vain.


I don’t know, I thought they were fun and they helped me feel creative again. Especially The Bird’s Purpose, the message of that one is really special to me. I wrote it about the feeling of discovering your voice and finding that you do have a song to sing after feeling purposeless, and I hope it can encourage anyone reading it to know that they have their own song to sing and their own purpose that they will discover as long as they stay curious and keep trying!That is really all I have to update on this month but a lot of exciting things are to come in both April and May that I can’t wait to share! (Hint: we just signed a very exciting document for a new apartment! eek!) If you’re reading this I’m sending you all the virtual love and hope that your April is just a little bit brighter than your March was.



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