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Today I thought it would be fun to do the first post in a series that I’m hoping to call Influencer Baby Names, inspired by the celebrity baby name predictions on Nameberry. The concept is simple, I’ll choose one couple/family of Instagram or YouTube fame that are expecting a child and I’ll come up with a list of name predictions for them based off of their name taste, personality and any other clues I may have received about what kind of a name they’re thinking of.

For my first post, I’ll be highlighting Brad and Hailey Devine, an adorable couple local to my home state of Utah who have been widely known across social media for their videography skills and their passion for travel for several years now. I’ve been loosely following them since their oldest daughter Lucy was a baby, and they’ve since had another little girl, Greta and announced that baby girl number three is on the way. I absolutely adore their daughter’s names, and so I had to do a post on name predictions for their third little one.

  1. Clara- This lovely English name meaning “clear, bright, and famous” would go just perfectly with her two big sister’s. A vintage moniker that is slowly coming back into popularity, it’s sweet and simple with just enough feminine charm to be perfect.
  2. Brigitte- I’m not sure exactly why I think this name would fit so well, but it just seems like one that they might pick. It’s pretty, delicate, and has a slight European feel to it that matches their taste. With Brad’s British background and Hailey’s Norwegian ancestry being a huge part of their lives, I can for sure see them using a name inspired by it.
  3. Hazel- Maybe it’s just because this is one of my favorite names, but this vintage choice just seems like it would go perfectly with their family. It has that dreamy, feminine quality that their other names have, while still being simple and short.
  4. Ingrid- This utterly stunning Scandinavian name fits the vibe of the Devine family so well to me. Just imagine how cute it would be to have a little Ingrid Devine?
  5. Margot– I love this name soo so much and I feel like it would go so perfectly. It has the same vintage prettiness combined with the slight cheekiness of Lucy and Greta.

Let me know which one is your favorite! I think I’m partial to Ingrid 🙂

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