Irish Baby Names

I’m so excited to finally be doing another baby name post! I’ve recently been obsessed with the beautiful names of the Irish language. I’m fascinated by accents and all of the different things that go into them, and Irish accents are one of my favorites. There is something so lovely and musical about the way they talk, and this definitely bleeds over into their gorgeous traditional names. Let’s dive in!

Saoirse Ronan - IMDb
The lovely Saoirse Ronan


Saoirse– This one had to be number one, because it’s so iconic when it comes to Irish names. Due to the rising fame of the incredible actress Saoirse Ronan, a lot more people are becoming familiar with the pronunciation of this somewhat tricky name. It is pronounced sur-sha, and means “freedom” or “liberty”, so it’s got a fiery sense of patriotism about it that is perfect for a strong woman.

Imogen– I have seen this name a lot around forums recently and it seems to be one of those that is continually rising in popularity, which makes sense because it is SO full of personality and vintage charm. I can just see a spunky little girl chock full of personality totally rocking this name. Another fun fact about this name is that it’s my main character’s middle name in Light My Sky. (you didn’t really think I would make it through a whole post without mentioning it, did you?)

Orla– I’m a total sucker for short and sweet names like this, and there are so many popular ones such as Ella, Ava & Mia that Orla is a refreshingly unique alternative. It also has the absolutely stunning meaning of “golden princess” which is honestly making me consider using it myself one day. I think this name is so cute and it’s extra cool to me because I love the spunky, breath-of-fresh-air musician Orla Gartland too.

Aiofe– You can’t get more quintessentially Irish than this fairy like moniker. Pronounced ee-fa, it has this delicate, airy quality to it that the meaning of “beauty” or “radiance” only adds to. Simply stunning.

Maeve– Meaning “intoxicating”, this gorgeous one-syllable name has been one of my all time favorites for a long time now. It’s another unique one that is rising in popularity, both in the US and in the UK. I love this name so much that I don’t even care if it reaches the top 5, I would still probably use it (and that’s saying a lot for me.) There’s just something so elegant and feminine about that soft ‘v’ sound that makes the name totally live up to it’s meaning. Alternatively, you could spell it the traditional Irish way, Meabh.

Roisin– Pronounced “ro-sheen”, I absolutely had to include this name on the list because of it’s musical sound and the adorable meaning of “little rose.” I think it is so delicate and beautiful.


Cillian- This name is SO Irish and SO cool. It has the adorable meaning of “little church” which I love, and I feel like it’s a name that will age extremely well with a little boy.

Fionn– The slightly more Irish alternative to “Finn”, this name means “fair-haired”. It’s such a strong, masculine name in my opinion (as all of the names on this list are), which is something that I love about these Irish names.

Declan– I babysat a little boy with this name once and I’ve thought it was so cute ever since. It also has a very strong meaning of “man of prayer,” which is just precious. Such a strong name!

Conan– I adore both this name, and it’s brother Ronan. I just think they sound so cool and they have equally cool animal meanings, Conan meaning “hound wolf” and Ronan meaning “little seal”. Soo cute right? Which one is your favorite?

Lorcan– Last but not least, I chose what might possibly be the coolest and most unique name on this list. It means “little fierce one”, and I can totally see a strong little protector with this name.

That’s it for my list of Irish baby names! Something I love about these names is their amazing meanings, it seems like all of these Irish ones have the strongest, cutest and most memorable meanings out there. Hopefully you were able to take some inspiration from this and I hope you have a great day!

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