Southern Baby Names

I happen to know that my baby name posts are probably the least popular of all the different kinds of posts I do. They get the least amount of likes, and I’m pretty sure that there are maybe two people who actually read them….if I’m being optimistic.

But is that going to stop me from doing them? Absolutely not! Sorry folks, today I’m coming at you with an adorable hand-picked list of sweet Southern baby names. Reading The Help recently caused me to realize how much I love the unique flair that Southern names have. They are cute, classy and have a sophisticated charm to them that I am absolutely obsessed with. So here is a list of my favorites!


Beau– There is something so cute and charming about this roguish, one syllable name. It’s so effortless, yet so totally cool.

Sterling– Y’all know I am obsessed with last names as first names, and Sterling (spelled like the silver), is one of the classiest and coolest sounding ones to me. It’s a name that will be just as cool on a 21 year old as it will on a 21 month old and it is so unique! Definitely not one I’m hearing a ton of moms using these days, so if you want a unique, stunning name for your baby boy definitely jump on that!

Nolan– Out of all the boy names I’ve listed, this is the one that I feel like is most popular and honestly for great reason! It is such a cute, simple option for a baby boy, and again ages so well and is so charming.

Dawson– SUCH a cool guy name am I right? Dawson is full of that indefinable Southern charm I’ve spent this whole post looking for the words to describe and I absolutely love it. I think it’s the perfect manly, strong sounding name for any little boy.

Keaton– Out of all the boy names I’ve listed, Keaton is my favorite. Maybe it’s the poetic connotation that the name has for me from the poet Keats, but it just sounds SO handsome and strong, yet poetic and cool which are the top qualities I look for in a boy’s name. Whatever the reason, I’m obsessed!


Ruby– Evoking images of sumptuous jewels and rich scarlet, Ruby is a luxurious, yet simple name that is so stylish. A vintage classic that is coming back into popularity, Ruby is perfect for a bright, sweet little girl.

Vivien– I have an obsession with this name, spelled with the en ending. It’s so classy and just different sounding, but still totally feminine ya know? Vivien is such a strong, elegant name, and those V sounds are just gorgeous.

Willa– If Keaton was my favorite boy name I’ve listed, Willa is definitely my favorite girl’s name. If you’ve read my past few name posts so you know that W names are my weakness, I LOVE them, and Willa is just so simple yet so adorable, I’m obsessed. This is a name I would seriously consider using for my own daughter, it has so much vintage simplicity and charm.

Magnolia– Is it possible to come up with a name more Southern than Magnolia? I think not. It’s so sweet and ultra-girly, and I love that it can be shortened to Maggie if that’s more your style. Either way, Magnolia positively oozes sweet Southern charm.

Jovie– Isn’t this the sweetest name? Jovie is such a quirky, cute and unique choice for a little girl. I love how buoyant and cheerful it sounds, reminding me of the word jovial which means “cheerful and friendly”.

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