Last Names as First Names Pt 2

I’ve been hearing and mentally collecting so many beautiful names lately that I knew I had to do another post. I’m still definitely obsessed with the last names as first names craze, and I have a whole bunch of other delightful ones to share.

Obviously, most of these names could be considered unisex and go for either gender, but I’ll be listing them under the gender categories that I personally like for these names. Let’s jump in!


  1. Jolie – I’ve been in love with this name for quite some time, I think it is so cute and unique! Jolie means pretty in French, and is a spunky yet feminine alternative to names like Josephine for a Jo or Jo Jo nickname. There is just so much to love about this sweet name.
  2. Greer- I find this one so unique and stunning. A Latin name meaning “Watchful Guardian”, it is a truly elegant and strong moniker for a beautiful baby girl.
  3. Rowan- This one could truly go with either gender and be absolutely adorable, but I put it on the girl side to even things out a bit since I have a lot more boy names in this category (lol). This name is derived from a type of tree, so it doubles as a nature name as well, and is just the cutest.
  4. Monroe– Another one that has been rising in popularity on name lists of late, Monroe was made famous by Marilyn Monroe, and is a truly fiesty yet elegant name for a baby girl. Additionally, I think Roe is an adorable nickname!


  1. Alcott- What with the recent release of the new Little Women movie, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with all things Little Women, and it struck me how adorable it would be to name a baby after it’s inspirational author. Alcott is such a classy, yet strong name for a little boy and I’m actually obsessed with it.
  2. Walker- Would this post really be complete without a W name? I think not. Walker is so cute and definitely the perfect modern and masculine name for a 2020 baby boy.
  3. Ford- I’ve definitely got a weakness for strong, one syllable names and Ford is absolutely perfect. An English baby name with a strong history behind it, it’s the perfect choice for someone who likes simple and unique names.
  4. Baylor- I’m obsessed with the beachy, cool guy vibes of this name. I think a baby with this name would be so adorable, but it would also age well into the teenage years and beyond! I LOVE it.

If you made it this far, comment which name was your favorite and/or if there are any surnames as first names you love that I missed!

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