Kimmy’s Baby Name List

I’ve always wanted to be a baby name guru. Wouldn’t it be just the best job? Researching names and meanings and carefully helping someone come up with the perfect name for their baby would be the greatest thing. Thankfully, I have an amazing and adorable friend who is willing to help me live out my lifelong dream!

Kimmy is a truly beautiful soul and one of my best friends. She’s currently expecting her second child, and just found out she is having a little girl! So of course I had to volunteer my help with names and today’s post is going to be a personalized name list based off of names I think she would like and that I think would go well with her other little girl’s name. I tried to go for unique names that I’m not hearing absolutely everywhere, but that still have that cute and spunky vibe that I feel fits Kimmy’s style

K I M M Y ‘ S N A M E L I S T

  1. Halston– If you’ve read any of my past baby name posts, you know I absolutely love last names as first names, and there is something so charming about this one! It’s spunky and unique, and I can see a very strong and independent little girl being called Halston. It’s nowhere near the top 100, so it’s definitely a very unique and adorable choice!
  2. Briony– I am obsessed with this one, especially going along with big sister’s name! It’s a unique name of Latin origin, meaning “to sprout” which I think is a beautiful meaning for a spring baby! I think this name is just as stunning as it is rare. Alternatively, you could spell it Bryony.
  3. Arden– is a Hebrew word meaning “the garden of Eden” and I think it is SO adorable. Apparently I’m really going for names with a naturey/spring feel for this list! Once again, spunky and unique with a very similar vibe to Halston, I feel like it is a stunning name for a darling little girl that will age so well.
  4. Ellis– Continuing with the themes I’ve laid out, here is another surname as first name I think would be gorgeous! I’m obsessed with any kind of girl name that has an El sound in it (Ella, Eleanor, etc) but I think Ellis has such a cute, preppy vibe to it with the last name as first name, putting a unique twist on an adorable name trend!
  5. Brinsley- This one is similar to Briony, but I couldn’t resist adding it to the list as I feel like it’s one Kimmy would really like. It’s a unique alternative to the more popular Brynn or Brinlee, and would also go really well with big sister’s name!

Kimmy, no pressure to use these names, but it was a ton of fun researching and making the list! Hopefully you like at least one of them. ahh, now I’m nervous.

To anyone else reading this post, thank you so much! Leave a comment telling me what your favorite name was and have a great week!

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