Surnames as First Names

My baby name post today is going to be on surnames as first names! I’m so excited to do this one because I LOVE the idea of using surnames as first names for babies, I think they make such stunning names with a poetic vibe to them. There are so many beautiful names that fall under this category so I tried to be selective and pick the ones that are the best in my opinion. I am a huge fan of surnames as first names especially for boys so actually some of the names on the boy list are ones I still might consider using one day!


  1. Brooks– I couldn’t possibly do a list like this without including this name because it is one of my favorites! I love the one-syllable sweetness as well as the nature meaning and I think it is just such a unique yet strong option for a little boy!
  2. Pierce– I think this name is so cool! I feel like a little boy with this classy and strong name would be the coolest kid ever. But what do you think?
  3. Wilder– There is something so beautiful about this name! It makes me think of a little poet or writer and I think it is so cute! It does remind me of one of my favorite authors Laura Ingalls Wilder which honestly makes it even cuter. So it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with Wilder.
  4. Beckett- I love the spunkiness of this name! It is a classy option that is also full of personality and I would 100% recommend it.
  5. Wilson- This name is a more recent find for me, and it is just so adorable! While Wilson is a pretty common surname here in the US, it’s not at all common as a first name and I think it makes a darling one. Also I’ve realized that I have a huge thing for names starting with W! So I was a bit hard pressed to only include two W names on this list haha! There is just something so beautiful about that sound in a name for some reason.


  1. Emerson– This one seems to be getting a bit more popular lately as I’ve been seeing it a lot on forums and elsewhere, but definitely for good reason! The ‘Em’ sound in it makes it a great option for a little girl as a much more spunky modern alternative to Emma or Emily. It also has that poetic/writer connotation as well with the author Ralph Waldo Emerson which we love.
  2. Hollis- I think this name is so cool and unique! I’ve never heard of anyone naming their child this in real life but I think it is so beautiful and definitely has a pretty feminine vibe for a girl’s name.
  3. Darcy- Getting into more literary connections with this amazing surname name! If you are a lover of Pride & Prejudice and the elusive and mysterious Mr Darcy you shouldn’t hesitate to use this name! It honestly suits a little girl so well. Also if you are into names from literature, make sure to check out my last baby name post here.
  4. Sutton- There is something so stunning and glamorous about this name for a little girl. Any child bearing this sleek moniker would be the cool and classy kid on the playground for sure!
  5. Sloane- Another beautiful one with a very similar vibe to Sutton, I think Sloane is so lovely and feminine sounding. It’s short and sweet with its one syllable, but full of charm.

So there it is! Let me know what you think of today’s list down in the comments, and make sure to check out my other baby name posts if you are a name enthusiast like me.

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