Dissection of a Poem

It is a hard thing to write a poem. To take an emotion bigger than an ocean and make it

fit inside a tiny little bundle of words.

To define poetry, we have to look at the way it makes us feel, what it communicates. It does not state things point blank, it does not pour out a torrent of words from darkened skies. A poem is a sprinkle, a twist, a slant on a thought that can turn something old into something completely original.

A poem is a teasing taste that does not give us the full story. It paints a picture with just a few words, poignant with imagery it makes us see things clearly in our mind. A poem is vivid with color, and never dry.

Needless to say, it is an art form, the ability to suggest something to the mind in fewer words than it would take to say it point blank.

Poetry is subtlety. Poetry is grace. Poetry is having a vast vocabulary in your arsenal and knowing when not to use it. Poetry is magic in it’s most elusive form.

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