Uneducated Astrological Musings

I keep meaning to learn more about astrology. It’s fascinating to me how firmly people believe that the dramas of sky and constellation are interconnected with every aspect of our little earthly lives. There’s so much to it that I don’t know anything about, and I feel like I have to be more informed before I can really form a solid opinion on anything about it.

I’m a Taurus. Maybe it’s because I’ve never particularly related to the Internet-available traits that are connected with that sign that I haven’t been all that influenced by astrology in my life. Taurus’ are supposed to be hard working, worldly, obsessed with money and luxury and very practical…which I feel like is literally the opposite of me. I’m one of the least possessions-oriented people I know. I honestly prefer simplicity in pretty much every aspect of life. I’m a creative and I flow with my creativity, my mood very much based on how creatively charged I feel that day–or maybe it’s the other way around. Taurus are supposed to be extremely careful and deliberative about their decisions, and I feel like that has never really been me. I’ve always been the type to sort of just jump into things impulsively and see where they take me, from relationships to career endeavors.

Maybe I’m just not in touch with my grounded side. There are two women I’m thinking of specifically who I follow on Instagram who are both Taurus, and both people I look up to a LOT. I won’t say their names but one of them is a really big mom influencer with a beautiful family, two successful businesses and a lifestyle/beauty empire that she’s built on social media. I feel like she totally exemplifies all of the Taurus traits. Her home is beautiful, she loves fashion, I feel like she is totally living in luxury. Her personality seems really sweet and humble, but she’s definitely a strong woman who doesn’t take any crap.

The other one is someone I’ve mentioned on my blog before, she’s a religion/faith based influencer I guess you could say? She discusses religious topics as well as astrology, spiritualism and honestly a bunch of other random things. She’s very opinionated and not at all afraid to speak her mind, and she has a good amount of sass and a strong personality. She too is a hard worker, loves people openly, and is spreading so much healing truth through her platform.

I guess it’s just caused me to think lately. If there is some truth to astrology (and I believe that there is) I’m the same “sign” as both of these women. I have something in common with them. With their drive, their intelligence, their strength, their success. I have a part of me that I can tap into that has all of that. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of BS. Who knows?

But the reason I was writing about all of this in the first place is that the other day one of them shared a post about the full Taurus moon and what it means for us coming up. The post talked about how there is a shift coming up in relationships that will increase self awareness as reflected back at us from the relationships in our lives. And it actually hit me really hard, unlike most astrology posts. Because lately relationships have been weird for me. I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been feeling extra anxious, and that has really bled into my feelings about my relationships.

I’ve been isolating myself in a physical and a mental sense. I’ve been flaking out on things left and right. But sometimes that’s just the season of life that I’m in. Sometimes I have to tend to my inner self and my home life before I can move out from there. I just have to be better about not biting off more than I can chew when it comes to social things, not committing to them unless I know I’m going to be able to follow through.

There’s a lot more that goes into this. But I’ve been deeply tired this entire past week and I don’t feel like I have the energy to figure it all out just yet. After having a wack sleep schedule and getting a bit sick, I’m using this day to rest and rejuvenate and get a lot of writing done. Speaking of which, hopefully I’ll be able to talk more about my latest writing project I’ve been working on very soon! So stay tuned for that.

Sending love and healing vibes out to all my beautiful readers, I hope you have a lovely week and feel all the creative calming energy as we enter a season of rest and preparation for the new year.



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