We Need More Lovely Things

Every so often in life I stumble across something truly lovely, with a simple, unadulterated kind of beauty that is becoming so much less common in this world we are living in. I live for these things, these little pockets of loveliness.

It’s why I’ve always been so attracted to old things. Old literature, old movies, old poetry. There is a sort of purity and romance in things from another time, perfectly preserved in the state that their original creator dreamed into existence, using only the things they had available to them at the time. It’s why if you ever ask me what my favorite book is, I’ll tell you Anne of Green Gables without hesitation, because I can’t even remember a time in my life when it wasn’t colored with the simple gorgeousness of that story and the words of L.M. Montgomery.

This woman has shaped my life more than any other person who I’ve never actually met. Her writings taught me the importance of loveliness and simple joys from a young age. Her characters are constantly on a quest for beauty, making their daily tasks and routines seem exciting, elevated above the commonplace life that everyone around them is living. She taught me to appreciate small beautiful things wherever I find them, and to keep a vivid, detailed journal of daily experiences.

I’ve recently stumbled across two things made in the modern world that have this quality of loveliness to them. I watched the movie This Beautiful Fantastic yesterday and it was just such a lovely escape into this realm of quiet English teatimes and flower gardens and libraries and adorable vintage outfits…..I’m a firm believer that sometimes we just need to escape into a beautiful place and hear the story of a quiet and shy girl who learn to tell her own story.

The other lovely and beautiful thing I’ve been loving lately is the YouTube channel Mrs. Midwest. She shares the most empowering, honest and inclusive messages about living life as a feminine woman and normalizing the option of being a homemaker and stay at home mother in today’s modern world. She makes it clear that she has a pure love for everyone from all walks of life, but makes videos encouraging women who want to embrace their feminine side and maybe even learn some cool homemaking skills like baking bread. I just think she shares these messages in such a loving but bold way and so many women of all ages need encouragement and inspiration like this.

What was the point of this post? Honestly, that’s a great question. Lately, I’ve been very inspired by these things and wanting to create some loveliness of my own. I’d love to start a YouTube channel soon, but I’m still not entirely sure what I’d like it to be about. All I know is, after listening to Mrs. Midwest’s videos I want to create my own space of loveliness and inspiration on the internet, to talk about my own personal journey of self-improvement, to provide a feeling of camaraderie to anyone who might want to watch and follow along. I am of course, feeling unsure about it and I don’t have a very specific plan at the moment, but one thing I do know is that we need more loveliness in this world, and I want to bring in as much as I can.

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