Vintage Baby Names

Good afternoon! I figured it was about time to post another baby name list up on the blog since my name obsession has not abated in the slightest, and this time I wanted to do a list of one of my favorite types of names. I absolutely love vintage names, or grandpa/grandma names as some people call them, especially the unique ones that you basically never see anymore. Every one of the names below are hand picked from large lists as being (in my humble opinion) the most gorgeously stunning vintage names available:


  1. Cecilia- I think this name is absolutely stunning! It positively oozes vintage charm. It’s in the sweet spot between super rare and popular as it is #155 on the popularity charts according to Nameberry, so you won’t be seeing too many other little girls on the playground sporting this gorgeous moniker.
  2. Juliette- This beautiful French name may be vintage, but is definitely not outdated . With the adorable meaning of “youthful” it is a beautiful name for a bright eyed little girl, and I think the French spelling just makes it all the more elegant. Juliette is a little lower on the popularity list as well at #185 so if you like more uncommon names that’s a plus!
  3. Cora- This name was at the top of my list for quite a while, I think it is so cute! It’s a Greek name meaning “maiden” and has actually risen quite a bit in popularity at #73 on Nameberry. I love short names that don’t need to be nicknamed and Cora is perfect for that! I think it has all of the cuteness of names like Mia and Ava that are so popular now but is a little bit more of a unique and classy alternative!
  4. Persis- This is one you certainly don’t hear everyday, and I think it is so darling and spunky! Greek in origin, it means “Persian woman”, and I think there is something so lovely about it. It’s definitely not popular, I’ve never heard of anyone being named this in real life and actually got the name out of a book. Despite it’s uniqueness it is so sweet and full of old Hollywood charm and I would love to see somebody name their little girl Persis.
  5. Eloise- Another French name because they are just so beautiful! The name Eloise has also been one on my list for quite some time, to me it sounds just like music. I have a weak spot for names with the El sound in them like Ella or Ellie, and this one is a much less popular alternative if you’re like me and love that sound for a little girl name. It is at #167 on Nameberry’s popularity charts, and when I looked up the meaning it says that it means “healthy & wide” (lol) Maybe not the most flattering meaning but a lovely name nonetheless!


  1. Walter- I kid you not, I have been obsessed with this name for YEARS and was 100% convinced I would name my first son this for the longest time. For me it has very sentimental connotations since Walter is a character in one of my favorite books, but that aside I think it is such a dignified, yet adorable name for a little boy. It sounds poetic yet masculine and is definitely not high in popularity at #271. It also means “army leader” which is cool if you want to give your son a name with a powerful meaning.
  2. Edmund- I think this is one of the cutest and most underused vintage names for a boy. It definitely does have an association with Narnia for me, but I think that makes it even more cool. It’s such a handsome name and will age well with your little guy. It also has the meaning “fortunate protector” which I LOVE! Just imagine a little Edmund being a big brother and protecting his younger siblings. Have I sold you on the name yet?
  3. Clarence- there are few vintage names cooler than this one. Honestly I think any parent daring enough to use this name would produce the coolest kid ever. It is a wealthy and smart sounding name, coming from Latin origins and it means “bright”. It’s definitely not high on the popularity list but it can only go up from here, which I honestly hope it does because it’s so cute!
  4. Winston- This name is unbelievably adorable and cool. I feel like it’s a name that will age super well with a child and just because it hasn’t been used a lot in recent years doesn’t make it any less amazing! It’s currently #402 on Nameberry’s charts , so there is plenty of room for more little Winston’s in the world. I’m absolutely obsessed with this name and hope someone will use it soon!
  5. Orson- Here is another adorable, slightly nerdy vintage boy name that I love. It means “bear cub” which I think is the absolute cutest thing! It is a very literary and classy sounding name and I would recommend it for sure!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading today’s list, and maybe found some of these new suggestions helpful! Leave a comment letting me know which name is your favorite, and have a lovely day!

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